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5 Best Abaya Styles - Wear It How You Want

Nov 25, 2019 Newal Addus

Abayah came into the marketplace with its unique and best styles that anyone can adopt at any time. They are so easy to wear and so easy to style. People who love wearing Abayah’s with great unique styles then you are in the right place. We are going to discuss the best styles of Abayah’s and how to wear them so perfectly and look graceful. Let’s discuss the abayas that will give the perfect look. Abayah is worn by Muslims. It covers the body from head to toe. Arabic-speaking regions follow this rule compulsory. Whereas some of the regions also try to wear it.

Abayah is now in different styles and designs that attract the people to come and buy it from different stores in the market. People love new styles regarding Abayas and love to wear them.

The details in the abayas make it looks so elegant and graceful. The design with the beautiful handcrafted work and details on the abayas makes it look so perfect. People can go for their old Abayas and can change them with new better designs. It can only be done by adding better materials or details in the Abayas. You could go for the best classy look with the best embellishments.  

Here are some 5 best Abayah styles that will give you the best decent look. 

1. Moroccan 

Moroccan styles reflect the best unique art with a layered design. It reflects the uniqueness of the style and people love to buy and wear it because of its exceptionality. Moroccan dresses are known to be so luxurious and comfortable. If you wanted to buy it, you can get it online and have a good experience of wearing it. These dresses are well-decorated with good lace and gold or silver embroidery that looks so elegant.

2. Kaftan 

The next popular and best wearing Abayah style is Kaftan. They are long and can be styled exactly like the way you want. They are easy to wear and easy to handle. They are suitable for casual wear and parties or weddings too. People can wear them with the best-designed necklace. Most of the people wear kaftan because it is long and comfortable to wear.

3. Floral 

The best style Abayah’s are made with black or solid colors. The flowers are designed in the form of motifs and embroidery that are known to be modest Islamic clothing. The florals look so elegant and perfect on the Abayah. Abayah’s with florals look so graceful because it reflects the beauty of the Abayah in a better way.

4. Butterfly 

Abayah becomes the most popular and great form for Muslim women to wear. Women will feel so relaxed and comfortable while wearing butterfly abayah. These abayas are best able in silk, chiffon, and other materials. It is known as the butterfly abayah because of its butterfly-like wings. It looks good if you try new designs with your abayah and that results in a great style. You need to wear some unique abayas with butterfly designs that look the best. 

5. Batwing 

People who love wearing floating sleeves and good clothing then Batwing abayah is known to be the better option. The sleeves are attached tightly around your arms and they could be expanded as they style the body. no dots are available on the shoulders and sleeves. Hence they are known to be the great wearing style for all the women who love wearing abayas. The most modern batwing abayah is with better light details on it. It is not heavy and simple to carry. Some people love to wear clothes that are easy to carry hence it is stated that batwing abayah is known to be so easy to carry and handle because of its super comfortable fabric. 


It is stated that there are many abayas for women that they would be easily wearing at any time and has the best perfect look. They can wear it in any casual way or even at parties or weddings. Abayas give the most relaxing and comfortable look. Hence it is concluded that Abayah’s styles are known to be so unique and comfortable. Whereas, people love to wear them at any event. Because of its different styles, people love to wear it with different styles and designs that result in grace and charm look.


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