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Amazing Ideas Telling How to Make a Kaftan?

Feb 6, 2020 Sara Sheikh

Kaftan is a Persian word, most likely rooted in ancient Mesopotamia, but unlike its ancient, outdated roots, it has been molded into a modern ensemble staple because of its timeless elegance. The popularity of this design can be accounted for their presence throughout art from the Ottomans through the 14th-16th centuries. Women all over the world may wear this undying fashion staple as a dress or they may choose to wear it as an overcoat for a more modern and edgy look. But how do you make a kaftan? And is it as versatile as we paint it to be?

The answer to this question can be found as we dive deep in the world of Pinterest DIYS, and the world of delicate fabric in bold colors and patterns that blow our mind. As we skim through the bazaar hunting for the perfect fabric to stitch the kaftan from and as we swipe through the tutorials on Pinterest, it doesn’t take us long to realize that the making of kaftan dresses doesn’t need us to attend a special school; all it requires is our creativity and the urge to create (and maybe some tools from the nearest sewing shop.

How to Make a Simple Kaftan?

Just like sewing or creating any outfit, you will need to first choose a fabric. With so many fabrics currently in the market; the synthetic or the semi-synthetic, the choice of fabric will depend on where (and when) the sewn item will be worn. For the warm, pleasant days of the spring and summer, more light breezy fabrics are a good idea, so that they may be breathable. For the autumn and fall season, more comfy, cozy and warm fabrics like wool and cashmere would be better choices. Many other factors go in the decision of which fabric to choose for the kaftan, for example, the choice of velvet would be better for a formal event requiring a rich and luxurious look. For the summer nights, delicate fabric like chiffon could be chosen.

Sure enough, the next choice to make would be the color. People often choose pastel colors for the spring and summer and store the deeper darker colors for the winter, but that shouldn’t dictate what you choose to wear; if you have a favorite dark color and you want to wear it in summer, go ahead and choose that.

Once you are done with these decisions, you are ready to get your sewing kit out!

How Many Yards Does it Take to Make a Kaftan?

To answer this question, let's look at the different kaftan designs in the market.

  1. Short Kaftan

This needs 2 yards wide fabric and is often made of chiffon or crepe fabric. Ideal for the summertime, or can be used as a top to oomph your look for a perfect girls’ night out.

  1. Midi Length Kaftan

This would also require about 2 yards of fabric. These kaftans can be seen on music festivals like the Coachella, and often made of more breathable fabrics like cotton.

  1. Long Kaftan

These require more than 2 yards of fabric. These may be worn for a more formal event, or you may also use it as an overcoat for your jeans. The more flowy or big the kaftan, the more fabric you will require. 

It is important to remind yourself that irrespective of what you stitch and irrespective of what you wear, you will always look good because you are wearing it with confidence.  

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