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Amazing Ideas to Elegantly Style Your Long Kaftan Dress

Mar 2, 2020 Sara Sheikh

The best one elegant dress which is flurry, flowing, flattering, and appealing long kaftan dress.  It can impress the other person on any occasion and can give you an amazing look. The only important thing to do with a kaftan is to wear it rightly and to carry it elegantly.

The style of kaftans also gives them recognition as a kaftan abaya because of their long flurry look. But it varies from culture to culture due to the styles, names, uses, and trends. It can be carried over jeans, leggings, pyjamas, leather boots in the silk, chiffon, cotton, wool fabrics. By adding some jewelry content with them  you have a more for the casual look. The customized kaftans can also be made for the people who want to give it a different look or according to their needs.

Appealing Long Sleeves Kaftan Dress Best for You

A kaftan is also worn as an overdress or long coat usually with long sleeves or with long bell-shaped sleeves and sometimes the sleeves reaching the ankles. Such styles of sleeves give them different styles and trends. It is also considered as a symbol of “royalty” in many cultures. Initially this trendy dress was worn by the Sultans of Ottoman Empires. Several touch-ups like ribbons, buttons, belts, tussles, patterns, colors were added in them to represent the rank of the person who wore it at that time.

Beautiful Long Silk Kaftan Dress Gives Glamour’s Look

The long silk kaftan or the kaftan with silk borders are from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Silk kaftans are also mostly paired with the silk leggings with linen feet. The kaftan garment which is formed in silk is more shiny and touchy in appearance. It is best to wear a silk kaftan especially on formal occasions. By adding little studs, pearls, stones on the neck or sleeves of the kaftan it adds to its appearance. It's best to wear to rock the floor or to have eyes on you. And if you are taking the small piece of the clutch in your hands with the long silky kaftan then it will take you more towards glamour. 

Long Black Kaftan Dress, the Best Choice for the Evening Look

If you are in a mood to attend an evening party you should go for the long black kaftan dress. It is a dress that rules many fashions and gives a royal look. The black color kaftan especially the chiffon stuff gives an alluring look. And it gives a feeling like on the red carpet of Hollywood. Kaftans are the best choice to wear because of prettiness and a feminine look. It is best for any type of body shape because the loose look of kaftan hides your body shape greatly and it’s the best modest outfit.

Final Thoughts

Thinking a step forward towards fashion, a kaftan is the best suitable dress both for the summer and winter seasons. It has gained more admiration a women’s wear especially for those who visit tropical places. But the kaftan is not specifically stapled to be beach location but even its lengthy, flowing look makes it more fashionable to the fashion icons when worn on formal occasions. It’s mostly made of silk and chiffon with crystals or embellishing beads on the necklines or sleeves gives it a modern, luxurious and royal look. There is no doubt that all the colors reproduce attractive looks on kaftans based on materials they are made of but the color of black adding clutch in hands and pearl studs in ears along with high heels or wedges gives the best modern fashion icon look And it will let you look stunning, beautiful, gorgeous and striking.



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