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Are You an Abaya Addict? Here's What You Need to Do For Setting Your Abaya Wardrobe!

Mar 7, 2020 Sara Sheikh

Being an abaya addict makes a lot of sense. Abayas are not only modest and comfy, but they’re also super trendy! They can be worn to any event and they come in so many shapes and sizes that you just can’t get enough of them.

Abayas are the easiest and most convenient form of modest fashion. There are very few ways to go wrong with an abaya because they’re just that easy to style. Anyone, even a casual wearer, can use them to make fashion statements by translating their aesthetics into their abayas.

But at what point is it safe to accept that you are now an abaya addict? When do you cross over from the admirer zone to be termed a devotee? Well, there are signs, as for any other form of addiction. What signs, you may ask? Well, first off:

1. Your Instagram Screams Abaya Addict!

If your Instagram contains pictures upon pictures of you in varying hues of abayas, then congratulations, you’re an addict! You have a photo in every color and every style. You own a multitude of scarves and hijabs and each one holds a special memory. Any fabric that an abaya has been made in, you own it! Silk, cotton, georgette, chiffon, jersey, etc., name it you can pull one out of your wardrobe made in that material.

Your Instagram page is just a shrine for abayas. Every post you make pays homage to this gorgeous ensemble and you have a gang you can wear matching abayas with. Together with them, you turn heads and earn envious glances wherever you go.

2. You Own a Cape Dress? Abaya Addict for Sure!

Cape style abayas are not as common as other styles of abayas. Most people opt for traditional cuts in abayas and pair them with regular hijabs. So if you’ve taken the leap and risked wearing a cape dress abaya, you’re an enthusiast for sure! And a very classy one at it too.

Cape abayas are just as glamorous as cape dresses and add an ethereal feeling to an already glamorous attire. You can stun while strutting down the street in style as your “wings” billow behind you, making you look like the queen you truly are.

How to set Your Abaya Wardrobe

Now that you’ve come to terms with the fact that you’re an abaya addict, you’ve probably noticed that you’ve got more abayas in your hand than you can stow away. And as an enthusiast, it must surely pain you to see your favorite piece of clothing becoming a mess in some random shelf in your wardrobe.

But, it need not be. With the right tactics, your abaya wardrobe can look more organized than the books on a library shelf. Here are two of our best ideas of how to use your abaya wardrobe:

1.  Color Code Your Abayas and Hijabs:

Organize your abayas by color and hang the matching hijabs with them. if you use more than one hijab with an abaya or pair the same hijab with various abayas, then hang both abayas and hijabs separately.

2.   Sort Abays by Weather

Within the color coordination, make separate sections for abayas of different seasons and classify them by fabric. If you’re in a region where seasons are very distinct, you may consider storing away the abayas you can’t wear in that weather.


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