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Different Ways To Style Long Evening Skirts Exquisitely

Jan 23, 2020 Sara Sheikh

Long Evening Skirts are a wardrobe essential for any and all seasons. Not only are they timeless, ageless, and chic, they’re also very comfortable and practical.

While most people may believe that skirts, especially long ones, can only be worn as formal wear, it is worth noting that, if styled the right way, this simple article of clothing can be a go-to for any occasion. Wear it on a cold winter morning with a chunky sweater or with a buttoned-up shirt to an office meeting, long skirts will ensure that you turn heads wherever you go.

A not so often explored use of long skirts is evening wear. They often get sidelined in favor of maxis or gowns mostly because people don’t know how to style them right. But they’re the perfect option for someone looking for modest clothing but not willing to compromise on looking dapper.

Here’s How to Style Evening Skirts the Right Way

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Show a Little Skin

Maxi skirts don’t need to cover every bit of your legs. Skirts with a side or center split look stunningly delightful and are the perfect mix between modest and sultry. They also give you the perfect opportunity to wear that perfect pair of heels and strut around like the model you are.

2. White on Black

This age-old color combination will always be a fashion staple across the globe. A long billowy black skirt under a sleek white top can make you look timeless and glamorous. A properly fitted white buttoned shirt can be as flattering as a silky slip top or a strapless one. It’s all about finding a balance between the shapes and materials.

3. Pleated Pastels for the Win

Pleated skirts have more weight to them than the A-line ones do and thus have a better fall. This makes them easier to pair a top with since the options are much more defined. Pastel-colored skirts will go with either a floral or a plain top that stops short of the hip bone or tuck the top in for added definition and a sleeker look.

4. Long Floral Skirts

Long floral skirts can be paired with plain silk crop tops to achieve a retro look. All the better if the top can be fitted like a glove. Add some simple jewelry around the neck and wrists and you’ve got yourself a show stopper outfit.

5. Tulle Maxi Skirts

A tulle maxi skirt can be truly whimsical and delectable. Be it for a date night or a larger gathering, a tulle skirt with a plain and solid colored top will never let you down. Go for lighter colors when picking the outfit to avoid feeling overwhelmed or too dressed up.

6. Burgundy Skirts

Burgundy skirts deserve an honorary mention because there are fewer sights as enthralling as a rich, burgundy-colored skirt. Worn with an off-shoulder top or with one with spaghetti straps and you’re already a model in the training.

7. Sweaters for Winters

Long skirts aren’t a summer staple. They are very useful for the winter too since you can layer under them to keep warm. Thicker or thinner fabrics are available to pick the right one for the right season. Pair with a chunky sweater or a long sleek one and you’ll be warm and outlandishly enchanting.


To sum up, there is no one-fit-all formula when it comes to styling skirts. Mostly because it’s so dependent on the body type and aesthetics of the wearer. The myth that long skirts are only for taller figures or for sleek bodies is exactly that, a myth. So feel free to play around with the styles and colors and step out of your comfort zone into a much comfier one.

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