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How to Organize Scarves at Best to Ensure Durability and Longevity?

Feb 4, 2020 Sara Sheikh

With the windy fall season comes the time to cozy up in your warm fuzzy faux fur scarf and slurp your pumpkin spice lattes; as the summer sun shines, its time to pull out your silk scarf to give that luxurious statement your outfit demands. Scarves are as versatile a piece as there are seasons and whether you use it to accessorize your outfit, whether you use it for modesty, or you use your scarf as a statement piece, it doesn't come as a surprise that this piece is never truly out of fashion. But how do you organize scarves? Is there any right way to do it?

People have been using scarves everywhere; in Hollywood and the streets for centuries. They would pair their printed silk Hermes scarf with a chic classic plain black dress to make a statement, or they’d pair their casual jeans with a pair of Uggs and a cozy pashmina. And because they are timeless pieces, you want to preserve them and increase their longevity.

Keeping your scarves clean, dry cleaning them only, and not drying them in direct sunlight are all ways to increase the longevity of any fabric, but the question still arises on how we can organize them. Organizing is very person-specific, and mostly depends on how one wishes to use their closet space, but the following are some ideas that might help you put your scarves away in a way you like the most.


If you are short on space, an effective way of storing your scarves may be a simple storage bin. Fold your scarves and lace them in a storage bin. Simply sort your scarves according to their material, like silk scarves, georgette scarves, chiffons scarves could go in one storage box, and scarves like pashmina scarves and wool scarves of a faux fur scarf could go in individual storage boxes. This would be difficult to choose if you put them in opaque boxes, but that problem can be solved by placing them in translucent boxes and labeling them.

how to organize scarves


You can always roll your scarves and put them away in your drawer. This works especially well if you don’t have a lot of closet space but have a dresser drawer that you can designate for your scarves. Rolling your scarves this way also helps keep the creases away and helps not to wrinkle your scarf. It helps if you can color-coordinate your drawer, but if you prefer accessibility over aesthetics, feel free to separate winter scarves like pashmina and wool scarves from summer scarves like silk. Do not compromise on either aesthetics and accessibility, choose both!


Some people like to have the option of being able to see what they have to choose from rather than pick scarves from a closet. If you are a person who likes visual aid, you could use hangers to organize your scarves. Hangers give the added advantage of making the organizing easier. There are, however, drawbacks to this system. The more delicate and expensive the scarf is, the more likely it is to get damaged with the hanger. It may also be a problem storing heavier scarves like the cozy winter ones, and infinity scarves are also difficult to hang on a hanger.


All of these systems are great at helping you store your scarves and preserving them. You have to know what you value the most, weigh the pros or cons of the systems and choose one. Or you can mix all the systems and make one that fits you best.

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