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Seamless Tips to Wear Girls Abaya for Modest and Elegant Look

May 6, 2020 Sara Sheikh

Abaya is a covered dress with full sleeves that is worn by most of the women. Wearing abaya helps you to give a modest look. Women who love to go for modest clothing and modest fashion, they need to keep their styling cool with different abaya styles. Whereas, you can wear the abaya in different seasons according to their cloths material.

In summers, the burning heat of the sun and covering yourself with the abaya is quite a tough task. But some of the abayas gives you a comfortable fabric that you can wear easily even in summers with easy wear qualities. And in winters, abaya with warm qualities are made. Therefore, it helps girls to wear abaya in any season.

Most of the girls found it quite interesting to look stylish and elegant at the same time. they also start searching about the various abaya online to have a complete stylish look. but you need to make sure that the fabric and quality of the abaya need to be soft and comfortable. 

Hence here we are going to discuss the seamless tips to wear girls abaya for a modest and elegant look.

1. Wearing a Pure Nada Korean Georgette

You might be searching a lot of abaya designs online and going to order from abaya online shopping Pakistan. But did you think about the fabric and quality of the abaya? Abayas are daily routine outfits, its comfortable fabric would help you to wear it daily.

Therefore, you need to look at the fabric material and quality. The fabric for summer abaya designs is pure Nada Korean Georgette. It is known best during summers. Because of the abaya fabric high-quality materials such as smooth, soft, light in weight, breezy, and cool. Furthermore, abayas made from Nada Korean georgette are quite comfortable and are available on any design.

2. Colors styles in Abaya

Most of the Abaya collection is in black. In winter, you can go for wearing dark colors such as black, maroon, etc. so that it would look elegant on you. But in summers, you need to go for light colors because it would help you to be comfortable.

You can go for lighter colors such as grey, white, pink, beige, etc. Check abaya online collections for new designs and light shades

3. Wearing different color clothes inside the Abaya

You need to wear some lighter clothes inside the abaya because some of the girls who wear dark clothes inside the lighter color Abaya then it would be see-through. People would be able to see what she’s wearing inside it. hence it is better to go for light color clothes inside the lighter color abaya. Whereas, you can wear dark or any color clothes inside the darker color abaya.

You can wear shirts, cotton Kurtis, or half sleeves inside the abaya. Wearing many layers of clothing would not let your abaya look elegant. So keep in mind, while going out in summers, keep the inner clothes light to cover yourself. Whereas, in winter, you can wear any color of clothes inside the abaya.

4. Right Fabric of Poncho and Kimono Style Abayas

Make sure that you are selecting the right fabric abaya in the market. The loose fittings designs and style on abaya are comfortable to wear. You can go for wearing poncho and kimono styles because of its fabric and quality of clothes.

Poncho and kimono style helps you to look great at a formal event. If you have to go to a wedding, then you can wear a stunning poncho and kimono style abayas with some embellishments.

5. Embroidery Abaya Designs

Most of the girls love embroidery abayas to look beautiful and stylish. You can also go for simple abayas and wear them anytime. But if you wanted to go out for an event of a wedding, you can select an embroidery abaya because it would enhance the beauty of your abaya and you will look stylish and elegant both at the same time. 

6. Wear Laces on Abayas

Laces are considered as so in trend fashion. The thing you might be thinking about is the lace design that you would be going to apply in your abaya. You can go for all new lace trend laces. By searching lace trends online, would help you to select the best laces for your abaya. Laces have a floral pattern, that reflects the classy and life in fashion styles. 

7. Wear Hijab with Abaya

It is mandatory to wear a hijab with an abaya. It is because the hijab completes the whole look while wearing an abaya. Hijab helps you to protect from the evil eyes and cover your head. You can select different hijab styles with some details on it. silk scarves known as Turkish hijabs are ideal and easy to carry with a stylish look.


Hopefully, the tips to Wear Girls Abaya for Modest and Elegant Look explained above would help you to understand the topic carefully. Some of the tips explained overhead are as follow:

  • Wearing a Pure Nada Korean Georgette
  • Colors styles in Abaya
  • Wearing different color clothes inside the Abaya
  • The right fabric of Poncho and kimono style Abayas
  • Embroidery Abaya designs
  • Wear laces on Abayas
  • Wear Hijab with Abaya

If you have any questions related to the tips explained above, then we are here to answer it for your better understanding. 

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