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Things to Look for While Purchasing Eid Abaya Of Your Need

May 5, 2020 Sara Sheikh

Ramadan is the month of blessing, you might feel that yesterday we were observing last year’s Ramadan, waking up early for suhoor and counting down the seconds for iftar. Same the case with this year’s Ramadan, where time is passing and is already around the corner. And just a few days later, eid is on your way. you need to start thinking about your Eid outfit. Most of the girls wear abaya online and found difficult to find a design best-detailed abaya. If you are worried about what you will wear this eid? then you need to read the details down below that would help you to buy Eid Abaya.  

How Do I Choose an Abaya?

eid abaya

If you are smart body shaped, you can go for Abaya with tight sleeves that flare out at the bottom from the waist. Modest prom dresses are affordable and comfortable to wear. Or if you are a little healthy, you can go for a loose-fitting abaya that looks perfect for casual days and a simple dress would look much better for different body shapes. 

What Should I Wear for Eid?

The first thing that comes in your mind is what I should wear for Eid? If you are searching for some new look in Abayas then you need to go for simple classy colors such as light colors with dark color hijab and try out some accessories to bring the classy and modest look. 

Do You Wear Clothes Under Abaya?

You need to wear some sort of clothes under your abaya with large prints that need plain clothes underneath. If your abaya has wide sleeves, wear a top under it with long sleeves. you need to make sure that you choose the right color of cloths under the abaya. 

Here we are going to discuss the things to look for while purchasing eid abaya of your need.

1. Quality of the Abaya

If you are searching for the abaya then you need to look at the things that would help you to select the best abaya. You may find many abayas in the market but did you notice the quality? Did you see how rough the details or quality sometimes is? 

If you didn’t notice the quality and go right to buying an outfit from the store, then it will not help you to buy the best outfit. if you are in search of the best abaya, be sure to find the right outfit and go for searching the related accessories and hijab that would look best on your outfit. 

Don’t hurry to buy the eid outfit, you can start searching your outfit during the Ramadan days. Because it is indeed that you may find the difficulty of purchasing an abaya just before few days before Eid.

2. Breezy Pleated dress with Bright Top

Most of the girls found it exciting to search out the best eid outfits. some people go for the combination of a smart and dressy look. And some go for the modest and fashionable look. The main things to consider in your Eid outfit is how modest it will look on you, cultural influences, family color scheme, etc. whereas, you also need to consider the weather.

Furthermore, most of the people eid fall in warm weather, so you can go for choosing light, comfortable fabrics. You can choose a pleated skirt that is in trend and it would look great with a dressy top is a bold color with beautiful heart capturing details.

Pleated skirts are often made with chiffon. To add the sophistication to your outfit, you can have a perfect hijab that would be chiffon in a solid color. It would enhance the beauty of your dress and would help you to look radiant and cultured.

3. The Maxi Eid Wear Abaya

Maxi dresses would help to make your eid outfit look more beautiful. But you need to look at their quality first. Maxi dresses are easy to wear, simple to accessorize, comfortable in the warmer months. If you want to wear a maxi eid wear abaya with a hijab, then you need to go for long sleeves. hence it will help you to have a modest eid look.

4. Simple Detail Eid Abaya

Some people love to go for a simple look. It is no wrong to go for a simple and classy look. You can go for wearing a simple detail eid abaya that focuses on loose-fitting abayas in simple designs and combining different solid colors to enhance its beauty.

Abayas are worn with a hijab that has similar design details. Abayas look best with any color, but most of the women go for black and heart throbbing look and some go for light and stylish look. For the lighter fabric, black chiffon hijab would pair outstanding and for thicker fabric, you can go for black georgette hijab that would compete for the look. It will give your abaya an Eid twist look with accessories, amazing bags, and shoes.

5. Different Culture Styles Eid Abayas

Some women wear Abayas that is fully covered, some only show their face, and rest of the body is all covered, and some go for different styles that look their abayas more covered and modest stylish look.

It is indeed that you can look stylish while wearing an abaya. Abaya helps to cover your body with long sleeves and covered the whole body. while searching for eid abaya, you can go for culture styles abayas, it would help you to give an amazing look.


Hopefully, the details that have been explained overhead would help you to get an eid abaya.

The things to look for while purchasing eid abaya is as follow:

  • Quality of the fabric
  • Simple detailed Eid abaya
  • Different culture styles Eid abayas
  • The maxi eid wear abaya

If you find any confusion, we are here to come up with answers for your better understanding.

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