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Tips To Come Up With Exquisite Kaftan Designs

Mar 5, 2020 Sara Sheikh

Every girl loves to make a style statement for herself. Every girl follows the latest fashion, trends, styles, and new wears to look fashionable, trendy, attractive and elegant. Sometimes you become frustrated by the same old fashion trends applying to you and feel better when applying new dresses, like new kaftan designs, long shirts, trendy frocks, long-skirts, loose trousers, etc to look elegant with new fashion styles. The kaftan designs are the trendiest dresses for the option of summer. And is the best option to deal with the heat.

Among several loose dresses to wear in summers kaftan dresses are the best to wear, and free-flowing touching the ankles with little more variations and creativity in them make them more attractive. Several designs can be added in the kaftan dresses to give them a more appealing feeling by adding little flowers, abstract patterns, multi-colored prints, ornate designs, etc. There could be many other styles added to them as well by like different neck designs, neck-lines, buttons styles, sleeve styles to give them a modern appealing look. Actually, there are two kinds of kaftans, one is a Moroccan Kaftan and the other one is a Islamic Kaftan. Both these types of kaftans give feminine and appealing looks. They are available in a number of designs, versatile looks, beautiful colors, several lengths, versatile fabrics. It is a multi-utility garment and mostly renowned as a flow trendy garment but you need to focus the occasion on which you are wearing it. It mostly worn in summer seasons. But it is the best fir to prove you as a fashionista, you just need to learn the basics for styling yourself perfectly for wearing it.

Can you Wear a Kaftan in Public?

The kaftan is indeed the best outfit to wear on beaches but despite the fact, it is also appealing to wear on any occasion but the only need is to wear it perfectly and to style it in the right way. It looks great on every woman no matter how bulky, slim, heavy figured. If you wear little stylish studs along with shoulder handbag. Even the women with a heavy bust can look flatter in appearance especially in public wearing a kaftan with long sleeves and a less low neck style. It’s best to wear when going on beaches or casual parties on weekends or in summery weather.

How do you Wear Kaftan with Leggings?

If you choose a kaftan to go to the office then it’s best to wear a medium-length printed kaftan teaming it with a pair of leggings to give you a complete look. A kaftan can be found in both the long or short lengths. But for the office wearing the medium length kaftan would be the best option. And for casual gathering purposes, it will be best to wear a short kaftan with the slim fit jeans as well. The pair of leggings contrasting with the kaftan colors gives an appealing look and enhances the color scheming. But if you want to choose a kaftan for wedding purposes then it’s best to go for the long kaftan along with leggings. It’s best to wear a floor-length kaftan as an alternative gown for the cocktail party.

And for the evening parties, wear a long shiny kaftan with leggings along with a small, trendy, beautiful clutch made of stones. Try not to wear everything but instead try to be choosy with the accessories you are wearing with the kaftan according to the occasion on which you are carrying it.
The printed kaftan looks more elegant with a pair of nude heels and even wedges will also look cool and will give you an elegant look. And if you are going to attend evening parties then wear silver and golden heels based on your kaftan color tones.

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