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Top 5 Muslim Head Covering Ideas- Modest Fashion Defined

Sara Sheikh

Posted on June 03 2020

Top 5 Muslim Head Covering Ideas- Modest Fashion Defined

Hijab styles are worn by tons of women to look modest and attractive at the same time. Islam is a religion that helps to guide you to the straight path. Being a Muslim woman, it is important to cover the head and your private parts. Muslim women also wanted to look stylish and elegant while wearing a Hijab with new ideas and styles.

Living in a Muslim society, it is better to obey the rules and wear modest dress within your values. You can go for scarves for women to enhance the beauty of women with elegance. Nowadays, modest clothing is going on-trend, it is becoming part of a lot of women’s. Most of the women love to wear a head covering scarves with some details and style.

We are here going to provide you some of the top 5 Muslim head covering ideas that would help you to cover your head.

  1. Simple Hijab Flair
  2. Wearing Hijab without a Pin
  3. Wearing Hijab with Accessories
  4. Arabic Hijab Styling
  5. Hijab style for saree or gown

Let’s discuss the above-mentioned tips:

1. Simple Hijab Flair

You need to check out the easiest way to wrap a hijab.

Try out some simple hijab style techniques.

  • You can dress a long scarf over your head where the one side should be longer than the other.
  • You need to pin up both sides of the scarf together below your chin.
  • In the next step, you need to flip the longer part of the scarf towards your opposite shoulder.
  • Flippant the same end back towards the front of your shoulder.
  • Hence you need to extend both ends of the scarf to cover your chest.

2. Wearing Hijab without a Pin

Sometimes you are too late to get up and go for work. you wouldn’t be able to search out the pins and put it on your hijab. Hence, in this situation you can casually wrap your scarf around your head, throw one end of it over your one shoulder and you are ready to go for work.

How it is Easy to Wear a Hijab without a Pin?

It is easy to wear a hijab without a pin because sometimes you are in a hurry to go for a class or work. you don’t have enough time for yourself to get ready. Hence, at that time you can wear a hijab without a pin and still looks fashionable.

3. Wearing Hijab with Accessories

It is better to wear a hijab with some jewelry on it. you can go for inserting some rings on the loose corner of your hijab that hanging down on the one side of your face. Wearing a hijab with some accessories including rings, jewelry, etc. would make it look different and unique.

Is it Necessary to Wear Long Earrings with a Hijab?

You don’t need to wear long earrings on your hijab but you can simply tie your hijab behind your earlobe and bring your earrings out to have a complete look. Whereas, you can also go for a turban hijab style to show off your earrings.

4. Arabic Hijab Styling

If you are looking for Arabic hijab styles, you are in the right place. Wearing an Arabic hijab style would volume up your look with modesty and elegance. You can go for wearing a hijab that would cover the head properly and your body as well.

Why Arabic Hijab Style is Better to Wear?

Because Arab fashion is growing rapidly in the market and getting much better every day. It enhances and adds up the volume to the hijab style. You would look much better while wearing a hijab with an Arabic style that would enhance your style.

5. Hijab Style for Saree or Gown

If you are going to an event and wanted to wear a hijab with it. then you can go for a turban hijab style in the same color of your gown and accessorize it with a beautiful necklace with sparkle and shine of rings and accessories.

While wearing saree, you need to match your scarf with your saree to enhance the beauty of your dress. Tie it with a simple side pinned hijab style and accessorize it with a fancy and traditional perfect look.


The details discussed overhead the articles related to the Top 5 Muslim head covering ideas would help you to understand the article briefly.

The details mentioned above are as follow:

  • Simple Hijab Flair
  • Wearing Hijab without a Pin
  • Wearing Hijab with Accessories
  • Arabic Hijab Styling
  • Hijab style for saree or gown

Hopefully, you would find it interesting while reading the whole article. after reading the topic, you would be able to understand the concept of wearing a Muslim head covering ideas. furthermore, if you find difficulty in reading the details then ask us for a better understanding. 

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