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What Is a Burkini and How Has It Transformed the Fashion Trends?

Jun 1, 2020 Sara Sheikh

What is a Burkini?

Burkini is considered as a swimsuit for women. Burkini covers the whole body including hands, and feet, but not the face. This suit helps the body to be fully covered while swimming. The original burkini helps to cover the skin and the whole body of the women even through swimming. It looks like a wetsuit and a swimming cap.

Most of the women look for modest clothing, it is because modesty helps to stay within the values and still look fashionable and perfect at the same time. Hence it is better to go for Modest fashion that allows you to look modest and attractive. Modest clothes are specially made for women to cover the whole body and look stylish. 

How Burkini has Transformed the Fashion Trends?

We know that Muslim women often wear burkini while swimming to cover the whole body. By seeing the interest of a lot of women in Modest clothing, Fashion trends changed into modest clothing and look elegant. Most women love to buy modest clothes and that what attracts them! Women feel free to buy burkini that comes in fashion and style and looks so pleasant.

what is burkini

1. Pre-burkini review

If we talk about the pre-burkini styles, it was about wearing baggy shirts with leggings at pools or beaches. But it turned away because of the lifeguards citing their clothing as harmful for swimming. The burkini, made up of swimsuit material and fitted into the wearer’s body, provides an exciting substitute for the consumers.

How Burkini is used by Most of the Women in any City?

It is because burkini is a full covered dress mostly worn by a Muslim woman but it can wear by any woman with any sect or religion. Burkini is worn by women to look modest as well as stylish.

2. Controversy Over the Burkini

There has been a great amount of controversy over the burkini, causing it to be banned in France, Germany, and in tourism hotspots in Morocco as well. the controversies were hyped because of hygienic reasons. this is done to prevent beachwear that appeared religious in public places. Some people were in favor of the ban argue that burkinis are considered as oppression and some of the women found violating the bans that have been written warnings and fined.

3. Women want to look Modest and Elegant

Burkini provides the perfect negotiation between the commitment to faith and their wish to take part in public water activities. Burkini gives the highest quality of stylishness and gives the requirements of modest swimwear apparel, that allows the performance of a perfect swimmer while meeting the requirements of modest dressing.

How Burkini plays a role in Modesty and Stylish Look?

We are living in a society, where people love to look cool and stylish. Whereas, most of the women love to wear a dress that covers their whole body and looks perfect. Furthermore, it is better to wear a burkini for modest clothing fashion trends.  

4. Burkini is not only for Religious Purposes

While wearing a burkini, you would be able to seek protection from UV rays. Some women wear burkini to protect their skin and loves to wear something comfortable and feminine.

How Burkini is Widely used for the Modest Purpose?

It is indeed that burkini was never considered as a symbol for Islam, but it was simply another swimwear choice for women. The Australian-Lebanese designer started with the first burkini and now it is widely used for modest swimwear.

5. Burkinis in Paris

The Brazilian designer Madamme BK, named Vanessa Lourenco, who has made a business out of selling. This was done in Burkinis in Paris. Muslim women will not have a wide selection of swimwear as compared with western women.


Hopefully, the details mentioned above would help you to understand the article related to what is a burkini and how has it transformed the fashion trends.

Some of the points discussed overhead are as follow:

  1. Pre-burkini review
  2. Controversy Over the Burkini
  3. Women want to look Modest and Elegant
  4. Burkini is not only for religious purposes
  5. Burkinis in Paris

The information mentioned overhead would help you to understand the article. If you find any difficulty, feel free to ask, we are here to provide you a better understanding of the article briefly.


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