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Reasons Why Do Muslim Women Dress Like Ninjas? The Concept And Some Facts To Know

Sara Sheikh

Posted on February 20 2020

Reasons Why Do Muslim Women Dress Like Ninjas? The Concept And Some Facts To Know

It hasn’t been long since Tyler Cassidy came up with his ingenious track “Why do Muslim women dress like Ninjas?”. Catchy and rather hilarious, the music track does little to satiate the curiosity of those who might genuinely be clueless as to why Muslim women often cover themselves up from head to toe. Well, the reasoning is rather simple, it is a dress code that Muslim women chose to adhere to which aligns with their religious beliefs. But what is the attire called? Why must they cover their hair? What is the purpose of this?

Read on to find out.

What is the Dress that Muslim Women Wear Called?

The robe-style clothing in which Muslim women are generally seen is called an Abaya dress. It comes in many styles and colors but is most commonly black. The abaya is usually paired with a head covering that is known as the Hijaab. The Hijab can be worn in many manners and the color is most commonly matched with the outfit. Most modern women prefer to wear the hijab on their own although abayas are still pretty popular.

Some Muslim women will wear an extra garment that covers a major portion of their face and only leaves their eyes visible. This is called a niqab and is popular among older women or those in middle-eastern countries. Most modern women have left the niqab behind since the ruling in Islam for a face covering isn’t very clear or strict.

Why do Muslim Women Cover their Hair?

Muslim women are instructed by their religion to observe modesty and cover themselves up. This is a ruling stated in the Holy Quran (the religious scripture for Muslims) as well as in the Hadith (secondary source of knowledge for Muslims). So, as a sign of respect for the word of their God, Muslim women, both young and old, will be seen with their hair covered and their clothes modest.

Although the hijab has, of recent, been associated solely with Islam, this wasn’t always the case and the hijab has, if history is read with care, always been around. Prior to Muslims wearing the veil, Jews, Christians, Hindus, etc all covered their heads out of respect. Therefore, the Hijab is a very old concept and idea and definitely predates Islam.

What is the Purpose of Wearing the Hijab?

The hijab has its roots in religion, be it Islam or Christianity, it is considered holy and adjoined upon the followers. But the reason for wearing a headscarf is not just religious, there is a logic that runs much deeper than just a religious obligation.

For many Muslim women, the hijab has become their identity. It has become a statement of empowerment and an act of revolution against the increasing islamophobia. This is particularly true for Muslim women residing in either western or European countries where the hijab was being bashed as a symbol of the subjugation of women in religion. To break free of this image of being oppressed by the hijab, Muslim women adopted it as a means of defiance against the hatred and malice that was being aimed at it.

Final Words

In conclusion, whilst Muslim women may not be ninjas in real life but by continuing to dress in an attire that has seen much hate, and even though donning it would make them victims of bullying and mockery, they are clearly very brave and their defiance is admirable. They’re heroes who dress as heroes and their choices need to be respected just as with any other individual. 

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