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Why you Should Carefully Highlight Your Curves When Choosing Custom Bridal Gowns

Jan 23, 2020 Sara Sheikh

Gown shopping can be highly nerve-wracking if you are shopping for a wedding, especially if the wedding is yours! Of course, the way to relieve some of that stress is to plan ahead of time (having a wedding planner helps), but the other way to decrease the stress is to get custom bridal dresses. Not only do they help you get exactly what you want in terms of the silhouette, color, fabric, but it also decreases the time you spend skimming through a thousand bridal gown shops looking for premade wedding gowns that are in your price range and flattering.

There are a lot of silhouettes in the market, and while anyone can wear anything they like, there are some basic dos and don’ts that come with each cut for when you are choosing bridal dresses. Following are examples of different types of gowns and what might be most flattering for your body type:

The Ballgown

This medieval classic might be outdated for a few, but when it comes to bridal wear, every bride wants to stand out from the crowd and would prefer adding all the oomph and choosing the ballgown. This silhouette is a bigger fuller skirt, traditionally floor length, with a tight body on top that cinches at the waistline of the body. Because it needs both volume and length the designers will usually choose delicate, exotic fabrics.

Of course, anyone that chooses to wear it may do so, but it would be most flattering for a rectangle body type. The voluminous bottom after the pinched waist will exaggerate your curves. It also complements the pear body type by flaunting the thinnest part of the waist and hiding, if one wishes to hide, thicker thighs.

The A-Line

This silhouette mimics the alphabet A in it is tighter around the upper body, with a narrow waist that gradually gets wider hips and downwards. These may have darts and are generally with no slits or pleats. These might be ideal for someone who wants to channel Betty Draper from Mad Men.

While anyone could flaunt this design, this is ideal for curvier brides that want to flaunt their curves without making them look too fat. Generally speaking, this is ideal for any, and all body types.

The Trumpet

 Also known as the fit and flare, this cut lands somewhere between the modifies A-line and the mermaid design. The dress is figure-hugging till mid-thigh, and that is where the flare begins.

Because this design incorporates into it all the flattering cuts from both the A-Line and the mermaid silhouette, it is ideal for someone with an hourglass figure, a smaller waistline and someone who is generally petite. It is not recommended for someone who is an apple or a pear-shaped as it may accentuate any curve the bride might wish to hide.

The Mermaid

This silhouette has been around for a while and is considered modern and elegant. It hugs the body to below the knees, where it flares, so it has a dramatic flair to it, mimicking a mermaid’s tail.

The mermaid gown might be ideal for those body-positive souls who want to show off their curves. This is ideal for someone with an hourglass figure. But on a side note: because this does hug your figure to your knees, it might be particularly difficult for you to move as mobility shouldn’t be a priority when choosing this cut.


Whatever you choose to wear on your big day must reflect who you are as a person, and where your comfort lies. Because on your big day, it should be all about feeling comfortable and confident, as confident brides are the prettiest.  

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