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Mocha Abaya

Mocha Abaya

$99.00 USD

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 Are you looking for the ideal outfit for a fresh, fashionable look?

The Mocha Abaya is for you.

It is glossy and crinkled with a beautiful optional belt and matching hijab!

Mocha Abaya is a beautiful, rich abaya of satin textured fabric Loose and comfortable fit. It is designed with your occasions in mind, this abaya is perfect for Eid and other special events. The abaya can be worn stylishly solo, paired with glamorous accessories for the ultimate fashionable look or worn as an open cardigan style abaya.

  • Comes with an optional belt to match, adjust to size
  • An open Abaya
  • Nursing Friendly
  • Wudu Friendly

Mocha Abaya has a chiffon belt providing a fitted look to the outfit. Mocha Abaya is a two-piece abaya, this luxury design that you could wear as a dress, maxi cardigan with any outfit or just wear it as an elegant two-piece abaya with an optional belt.

Hand Wash and Air Dry or Gentle Cycle

While the abayas are made from long lasting durable fabric, we do recommend they be hand washed due to the nature of the crystals, embroideries and embellishments. Customers are responsible for any damaged caused if the abayas are machine washed.

Abaya Size Guide

Also Available in XL Size