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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Guest Dresses - Adopting Modest Fashion at Best

Aug 28, 2019 Sara Sheikh


So you might just have got an invite to your friend’s or relative’s wedding, but don't have any clue what to wear? Relax! This is normal. Whenever there come wedding occasions, anyone and everyone gets clueless of choosing a perfect attire and eventually come up with the conclusion “I do not have anything appropriate to wear”.

Some people even rush at that very moment to shop for new clothes. Hurry not! In the next few paragraphs, you’ll get a sound picture of possible clothing ideas to make you look stunning. Proper wedding guest attire varies greatly depending on the style of the wedding itself.

Sadly, one of the greatest tragedies of modern-day is immodesty. Society has moved from accepting modest dress, grooming, and speech to accepting immodest dress, immodest grooming, and immodest speech. Not only will you see extreme clothing and grooming styles, but you will most likely hear impropriety all around you. On the same hand, adopting modest fashion is also being provoked in the form of the launching of modest dress collections by various brands that signify style and adornment.

I must say, there is nothing more uplifting than modesty. There is nothing more wholesome than modesty. There is nothing classier than modesty. There is nothing chicer than modesty. There is nothing more important than modesty. Modest wedding dresses don't necessarily come in plain, boring designs rather can add glamour and a sense of elegance for you when you prefer a simple yet stunning dress.

Modest clothing typically includes clothing that not only covers the private parts of the body but that is also loose-fitting and does not cling to the contours of the body. Basic colors such as blue, black, brown, and white are considered modest and appropriate for clothing while more brightly colored fabrics such as neon pinks, oranges and greens are not. There are other considerations among different religions for what constitutes modest clothing.

In a situation mentioned at the start of this article, being a Muslim, you must go for the most modest choices in clothing for a wedding occasion. Modest dresses come in various designs, sizes, and colors. The designs allow them to be used in various weather conditions and seasons. Adopting modest fashion into modern chic fashion can be very simple with the right clothing pieces and knowledge.

Here are a few amazing ideas for women to decide what to wear at the wedding occasion along with certain significant factors. 

The Big Clue – Invitation

Photo Credits: cardsandpockets.com

Your invitation will be your lifeline. Here you will find all the details for the big day. If it simply says dress code on there, then you'll be fine. However, if it's a little more discreet, then look at the whole style of the invitation. If it's flowery and decorative, then this will be the scene for the wedding. If it's more of a jokey invitation it's best to say that you would be fine in smart casual. For instance, if there is a blue theme. You can pick any of your existing dresses in the shade of blue. It can be a maxi dress, a blue skirt that can be paired with some other colored full-sleeved fancy blouse or vice versa with a pair of heels which gives a more fancy and elegant look...

Remember, not to wear half sleeve dresses as it lacks modesty for sure. The wedding venue takes another look at the invitation and sees where the location of the wedding is going to be.

Outdoor Wedding Outfit

If the wedding is outdoor then don't wear anything too floaty, because if it's a windy day your dress will be blowing all over the place which will rather be embarrassing and you’ll just keep on handling with that. You can wear a long net dress too as it won’t make you do more struggle rather you can enjoy the occasion with full comfort.

If you know it's going to be on grass or even sand, then stay away from heels. Whilst heels will look lovely, they will only get stuck in the mud. Opt for a thicker heeled shoe or even a pair of satin style ballerina pumps.

Indoor Wedding Outfit

If the wedding is inside, then go for something a lot dressier, perhaps wear a floaty dress, this will enable you to move freely and also doesn’t seem reveling in this case. If you want to wear something like a simple traditional shirt and trouser then make sure that the clothes are not too tight. You can wear a matching abaya with your dress if you want to.

A Daytime Wedding Outfit

Photo Credits: morgan-events.com

So if the wedding is in the daytime, try wearing a floral style dress, this will look ultra-feminine for the daytime. A nice stylish loose skirt and a blouse/fancy top will also be great for a daytime wedding.

Try to stay away from a dark-colored suit; this might look like you're going to the office for a day at work. Pick out lighter tones.

An Evening Wedding Outfit

Evening Wedding venue

The key thing to remember is to dress to meet elegance, beauty, and modesty together. You should be comfortable with your wedding wear.  Go for a nice dress, a little black dress is always a popular choice. A Kaftan dress is also a perfect choice as it allows you to walk freely. For an evening wedding, there is also no harm in wearing darker colors such as black and steel grey.

You can also choose to wear shimmer or plain scarf in contrast with your dress or you can also wear a scarf of the same color as of your dress. To go through Covered Bliss Scarves collection, click here

Who are you as the guest?

Yes, this is important. It matters who you are as the guest at a wedding you are invited to. If it’s a family wedding like that of your sister’s, brother’s, cousin’s, uncle’s or aunt’s then you must make a great choice keeping a view of the modesty factor and also you must start getting prepared before time.

Get yourself proper accessories with your dress whether it be scarves shoes or jewelry because everything you wear along highly affects your clothing. Shoes like heels if worn with a long floaty dress, adds more charm to the dress, if you plan to wear flats then be careful that your dress must not get stuck with your shoes.

How to choose a bridesmaid dress?

There is no doubt in the fact that bridesmaids complement the bride but in order to make the bride stand out, they (the bridesmaids) need to look stylish and magnificent. That is why there is a need for them to have their own set of dresses. If you are invited as one of the bridesmaids that make sure that you make a wise choice.

The modest bridesmaid dresses come in various designs, sizes, and colors. The designs allow them to be used in various weather conditions and seasons. Bridesmaids can stand out from the crowd and make a clear cut fashion statement. These dresses have some basic features that make them similar to each other for example summer dresses are light-colored, loose and lengthen dresses with exquisite accessories wear. Long-sleeved dress jackets are most suited for winter and autumn seasons. There are several complementary features which enhance the modesty of these dresses, for instance, most if not all of them have backs, boat-necklines, and sleeves.

There are other intricate designs which are classical yet simple. Beading, organza, satin, and embroidery are some of the examples. Affordable modest bridesmaid dresses are designed with these and other features in mind.

The Don'ts of Wedding Guest Dress

People make the same mistakes when going to weddings by wearing things that are either too dressy (you don't want to show up the bride) or clothes that just aren't acceptable:

1. White or Red

It depends on the wedding culture you are getting into. In some cultures, the bride used to wear red while in other, white is worn. Whether the bride wears red or white, this will only upstage the bride and therefore leave you feeling a lot more overdressed than you need to be.

2. Black

Try not to wear black to a daytime wedding; opt for lighter and brighter colors.

3. Religious

Do not wear a sleeveless, half sleeved or strapless dress. In modest clothing, it is not acceptable to show too much skin. If you do have a strapless dress then cover up with some fancy good outerwear like that of a jacket.

4. Wearing something torn is also not acceptable

Make sure that the dress you want to wear doesn't have a hole in the back. Also, make sure that it fits you perfectly and is not too tightly fitted.

The bottom line

In a nutshell, Don't let dressing in chic modest clothing be scary, it can be fun. It gives you lots of layering and mix and match options. It also allows you to be more creative than the average chic women gets to be. You can also grasp various ideas to pair and design your wedding wears by consulting from online stores available widely on the internet. The Internet is where the latest fashions come together for you and your wardrobe. You can go from ordinary to extraordinarily chic, sophisticated, modest here and can surely rock an exquisite modest look.

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