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About Us

Sara Sheikh started the journey to Covered Bliss in 2013 with passion to serve the modest fashion community. What started with selling clothing and unique house hold items at home to few friends and family is now a full production facility. When she noticed how hot the unique abaya pieces were among her immediate circle, she decided to do a small open house. This open house was the turning point for her clothing line. The open house and the new abayas were a hit. Seeing the demand and how much her friends loved her small collection, she decided to go ahead and create a company and an online store...

Although sales and profit is a great goal, Sara finds her purpose expands beyond making money. She wants to support, uplift, and empower women and her Muslim community by creating a modest yet elegant clothing line. This balance of being modest and beautiful has been an issue Muslim women have had to struggle with far too long. Sara creates garments which attend to both modesty and high fashion. What’s even more amazing about her creation is, these garments attend to any women who simply want to look fabulous! Covered Bliss is an inclusive and diverse brand with a variety of styles to choose from. The styles include, but are not limited, to kaftans (elegant embroidered dresses), abayas (kimono style traditional garments), formal wear, and casual wear.

Customer service and her need to attend to her clients is one way her heart pours out through her business. This same heart is shown through her attention to detail and quality of her garments. She did not want to mass produce by creating garments with cheap fabric and simple embroidery. Every garment you see from Covered Bliss is designed and carefully thought out before produced. Sara loves to push boundaries in the designs and will continue to as the company grows.

Sara Sheikh, our Cheif Executive Officer, is a Muslim, Ethiopian from Harar region(Harari tribe). She has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas and a Master’s degree in Cyber Security from Southern Methodist University. She is a mother of three who loves to empower her children and other young entrepreneurs. It is interesting that she started a clothing line when she was the one who was techy? Since her driving purpose has been and will always be to serve others, she felt Covered Bliss is an absolute mean to accomplish that. Sara goes above and beyond serving through the one on one interactions with her clients and employees.

Covered Bliss is a family of people who simply want to share their love with you! Be on the lookout for all the new, unconventional ideas Covered Bliss has in store.