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Elevate Quarterly Subscription

  • The Royalty Package - Get $350 value for $85/mo
  • Qasira the Princess - Get $250 value for $65/mo
  • Blissful Empress - Get $199 Value for $50/mo

Royalty Package:

The Royalty Package offers a curated collection of modest essentials designed to elevate your everyday style with a touch of regal flair. This package provides high-quality pieces that reflect sophistication and elegance. You can expect to receive versatile wardrobe staples such as Kaftan, Abaya, and accessories that effortlessly blend comfort with fashion-forward design. The Royalty Package ensures that you feel like royalty in your collection of modest attires.

Qasira the Princess:

The Qusira Princess tier offers a curated selection of modest clothing and accessories inspired by the grace and charm of Middle Eastern royalty. Subscribe to this tier to receive stylish yet modest ensembles that blend traditional motifs with contemporary designs, allowing you to embrace their your princesses with confidence and poise. From abaya, flowing dresses adorned with delicate embroidery to intricately patterned hijabs, each item in the Qasira the Princess package reflects the timeless beauty and allure of Modern Eastern fashion.

Blissful Empress:

The Blissful Empress Package embodies opulence and luxury fit for royalty. Subscribe to the Blissful Empress package and receive handpicked, exclusive pieces of modest clothing and accessories that exude elegance and sophistication. Each item is crafted from the finest fabrics and features intricate detailing, elevating your style to regal heights. You can expect to discover statement abayas, luxurious scarves, and exquisite accessories curated to make them feel like modern-day empresses.