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5 Big Reasons You Can Never Go Wrong With Black Abaya!

Apr 24, 2020 Sara Sheikh

Abaya is the traditional Islamic outfit, worn by Muslim women all over the world for the purpose of covering their body. It is compulsory for a Muslim woman to keep her full body covered at all times except for the hands feet and face. Abaya is a loose gown type garment that keeps a woman complacent and abides by all the rules of Islam at the same time. While selecting an Abaya, things that you must keep in mind are that it should not be body-hugging, made of sheer fabric or transparent and long enough to reach the ankles, as its purpose is to cover the body completely. The most popular abayas are usually black in color and made from cotton or heavy georgette as these abayas possess all the above mentioned characteristics. Let us have a look at the reasons you can never go wrong with black Abaya:

Easy to Wear

Black Abaya is extremely easy to wear as you just need to slip it on the dress that you are already wearing and you are ready to go anywhere. Also, an abaya is not at all difficult to carry, for anyone— whether you wear it at home or to work, you will always be at ease with an abaya on.

Saves Money

An abaya saves plenty of your money as you don’t have to worry about buying new clothes every time you go out, you can just slip into your abaya. Also, a black abaya always looks elegant and if you want to style your outfit a little you can wear nice shoes and carry a nice handbag with it and you are good to go.

Gives Comfort

There are so many women around the world who wear body-hugging clothes to look fashionable but are never comfortable in those outfits. Women who wear a black abaya are always comfortable in their clothes. An abaya always keeps you comfortable as it is a loose and flowing garment. Also, since it is a free-flowing garment, it lets air circulate freely, thus always keeping you cool. There can be nothing better than an abaya for Muslim women living in hot climate countries.

Gives a Sense of Security

Once a woman starts wearing a black Abaya, she feels confident and secure and will never go back to regular clothes. The outfit covers the entire body of the woman who’s wearing it, thus reducing the chances of men gawking at her. Moreover, It helps hide the shape of your body since black abaya is made of loose and flowing fabric. This gives women a sense of security and they can move around freely in their abaya.

Displays Faith

By wearing Black Abaya, women exhibit their faith in Allah. Women who wear abayas and keep their bodies covered from head to toe are the true followers of Prophet Muhammad. By wearing an abaya, women follow all the codes of Islamic dressing and are always respected in their society.

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