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Fashionable Women's Kaftan Design for A Formal Look

May 1, 2020 Sara Sheikh

Rock your fashion in a Kaftan that keeps your style and tips in mind. Choosing the correct fabric and right event would help you to wear a fashionable women’s kaftan. Women’s kaftan brings fashion and style altogether in the design. For daily events or special wear, kaftan dress will bring the best unique quality to your wardrobe.

Some basic patterns of kaftan modest clothing are also available that will bring casual wear in your formal look. Kaftan dresses are available in classic black or white bright and great prints; it is up to you whether you want to choose a variety of colors or go for patterns to suit your look. From parties to the beach or special events to casual events, there’s a kaftan for every event.

Women’s Kaftan

Kaftans are considered as the modest dresses but it also gives a unique and fashionable look. It helps the women to bring more modesty, fashion as well as style all at once. Living in a society, where fashion is important hence it is vital to go for kaftan dresses. 

Women’s kaftan has different beautiful designs that are as follow:

Kaftan Designs Fashion

Kaftan designs bring elegance and beauty in your dress that creates an amazing uniqueness in your dress. 

What is a Kaftan Fashion?

A kaftan is different from the coat or robe. It is known as the modest dress that is worn in several cultures and traditions around the world. Kaftan can be worn as a coat or as an overdress, it has long sleeves and a long dress that reach the ankles. 

How Would You Wear a Kaftan?

You can wear a kaftan in any season. In the winter, you can choose a thicker, warmer fabric of kaftan dress and wear it over jeans or leather boots. Whereas, in the summer season you can choose a lighter fabric-related as silk or cotton, or you can wear kaftan top over shorts. You can go for choosing beads or jewelry to wear it with a kaftan and get the perfect formal look. 

2019 Beautiful Kaftan Designs

Some of the great kaftan designs convey a covered look. It helps women to be covered and fully dressed and also considered as a fashion.

Can you Wear a Kaftan Dress at Work?

Kaftan meets all our great requirements that are related to the comfortable, unrestrictive, or surprisingly elegant look. You can easily wear a kaftan dress anywhere you go. You can wear it in the city or to work.

Why Does Society go for Wearing a Kaftan?

Kaftan is worn as a coat or full covered dress, having long sleeves that touch the ankles. Its quality is different in different seasons. The region with a warm climate, you can go for light-weight or loose-fitting clothes. Whereas, in some cultures, the kaftan is considered as a symbol of royalty.  

Short Kaftan Design

Why and How Can You Wear Short Kaftan?

You can go for a short kaftan that would not touch the surface. It is preferred to wear short kaftan for a day in the office. Short kaftan is a great choice for a casual outing. Hence you can go for short kaftan with matching it with a pair of jeans.

Kaftan Kurti design

How Can You Style Kaftan?

Women’s kaftan

Some of the tips of styling your kaftan tops are as follows:

  1. Wear a brightly-colored kaftan with the beautiful patterns that match with a head wrap or a scarf.
  2. You can use your kaftan with a wide leather belt.
  3. Silk or a cotton kaftan would look wonderful over shorts.

How Can You go for Wearing a Kaftan Belt?

You can go for wearing a belt by adding a metallic or crown-style design in your kaftan. You can wear them on formal or special events. Most of the women wear kaftans with jewelry and handbag or clutch. 

Kaftan designs for ladies, kaftan Abaya 

Who Can Wear Kaftans?

Kaftans are designed for the ladies to wear full-covered free that touch the ankles and full-length sleeves. kaftans were worn by the sultans of the Ottoman empire. Whereas, colors, patterns, ribbons, buttons, are used to designate the rank of the people who wore it. 


Hopefully, all the details mentioned above will help you to know about the fashionable women’s kaftan design for a formal look. Women’s kaftan would bring the most fashionable and uniqueness in your dress and you would be able to wear the dress anywhere at any time. 

The dresses that would help you to know that fashionable kaftan designs are already mentioned above but for your better understanding here are some of the designs as follow:

  • Kaftan design fashion
  • 2019 beautiful kaftan design
  • Short kaftan design
  • Kaftan kurta design
  • Kaftan design for ladies, kaftan Abaya

These designs would help you to have fashionable kaftan dresses. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We would love to help your organization with the best we can. 


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