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How Cherry Blosson Skirts Can Make You Look Vivacious

Jan 1, 2020 Sara Sheikh

The Cherry Blossom is a luxuriously mesmerizing flower, but just as it is Godly in its appearance, it is short-lived. The life span of this flower is symbolic in many cultures for the arrival of Spring, and just like the season, it is gone with the blink of an eye.

In Far East Asia, the two weeks that the Cherry Blossom blooms, there are parties, gatherings, and celebrations for the arrival of Spring, and the hopes of a promised tomorrow. But just as it peaks in its beauty, in a mere two weeks, it falls off.

To preserve the luminous pastel pink and white contrast these flowers feature, designers from all over the world look up to them for inspirations, and produce not only lush fabrics but also statement pieces like Cherry Blossom Skirts so that the consumers could use them to add a zing to their wardrobe, in hopes that although the spring may not last forever, the designers’ creations would serve as a replacement for the lost beauty.

Skirts are timeless pieces; in general, they will make you look elegant, no matter what you pair it with to complete the outfit. Some simple rules for deciding what the skirt to choose will depend on what you are dressing up for, whether it is a formal event, and what statement you are trying to make. Some general rules, however, are as follows:

1. The pencils skirts are ideal for office settings. They are figure-hugging and accentuate your curves, and if paired with the right blouse, can be ideal for a party or a night out with friends. A classic black skirt can ideally be paired with a white blouse and minimalist jewelry for the office. Adding a sequenced blouse can oomph your look in a minute!

2. An A-Line skirt sets a theme of a more summery, eternal, effortless and chic look. They are also easier to style with button-down shirts. The idea is to not overwhelm the A-Line skirt, which may then look hefty and ginormous. Printed A-Line skirts look the best, and hence it is better to pair it with a solid-colored shirt, and of course, take risks with the jewelry.

3. The fit and flare shirt is a classic, feminine option, that is considered very romantic. It is a safe option and allows for risqué choices with it. As it has extra fabric, it is better to wear it with a fitted shirt, and bold jewelry. It complements the hourglass figure and helps elevate the curves.

4. The midi skirt is next on the list. This skirt may be ideal for those with long slim legs, as they tend to make your legs look stumpier. They are best used in office settings, and a floral printed skirt like the Cherry Blossom Skirt looks very elegant. It should be worn with a well-fitted top, and should preferably be high waisted. Some classic looks are as follows: Midi skirt with a tight fitted shirt and a statement necklace.

5. To wear a tulle skirt, a long tulle skirt with a fitted blouse or tee. Add some nice jewelry and pumps or ballet flats. This would be perfect for a summer wedding outfit. Add layers and sweaters for chillier days or evening weddings.

6. A Maxi skirt has to be my favorite because it is very diverse. This long voluminous skirt can be worn with fitted tops for a more formal look, or it can be paired with a loose shirt or an oversized sweater for a casual outdoorsy look. A floral skirt, such as a printed, cherry blossom skirt, can be an ideal bridal outfit.

7. A formal ball skirt is usually paired with a tight fitting top, but can also be an ideal bridal dress. It not only adds the fairy-tale feel but also gives you so many options to style it.

At the end of the day, we must remember that irrespective of what we wear if we exhibit confidence, do our research, and work out the right aesthetics, it will always look good.

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