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Top 5 Ways How Hijabs Can Make You Look Graceful While Being Modest

Mar 3, 2021 Sara Sheikh

Are you looking for inspiration to take your graceful Hijab elegance up a notch? You’ve come to the right place! Hijab is an essential piece of clothing for Muslim women, fulfilling an important part of the religion. What is intriguing about this elegant clothing piece is that while trends come and go, it remains timeless. And that’s part of the beauty of it! 

Here we provide you with the top 5 ways how you can rock a Hijab with grace while observing modesty. So without further ado, let's get started.

  • Accessorize

When it comes to a Hijab, there is no limit to the endless possibilities regarding how it could work. You can wear it with a straight pin, safety pin, a magnet or no pin at all if you are in a hurry. Play with each style to see what frames your face best!

Don’t be afraid to add a brooch, a fancy pin, or even a bangle bracelet to hoop through your hijab that falls over your shoulder. When you have a get-together or a family reunion, and you want to look your best: accessorize!

  • DONT Match

Bring on the fun, it’s 2021! Being matchy-matchy is not in this season. We aren’t saying you should clash patterns, but you really don’t need to worry about a specific color and try to match your outfit. For instance, if your dress is white, and you want to pair it with a tan-colored Hijab, you have full liberty to do so! Don’t be afraid to mix browns and blacks, or look for color combinations that inspire you. Here are excellent options to choose from: gray and red, nude and white, maroon and gold, or pale blue and pastel pink. Experiment to figure out what looks good on you.

  • Mix textures

If you have a special event, then consider a Chiffon Hijab that comes in different colors. Or if your dress is chiffon, try adding a pop of a Satin Hijab. Add a sharp blazer or cardigan to mix textures for a beautiful contrast.

Another nice option for a complete hijab look is adding a denim hijab to amph up a casual outfit. Sometimes, layers and mixing gives that elegance and adds that extra glow!

  • Make Your Statement

You’ll see tons of different Hijab styles, each in their own way. Hijabs are worn on over Abayas, kaftans, dresses, overalls, jeans, t-shirts, dress-shirts, culottes, and can basically be added to any outfit. It says, “I’m modest, beautiful AND proud.”

  • Wonderful in the Winter

A wonderful pattern for the winter cold adds an alternative style to your look. What other clothing piece doubles as earmuffs, a hat, a mask, a headband and a lot of other pieces all in one?

Wearing a vibrant color-patterned Hijabs during the snowfall or a contrasting color to match your outfit is a style on its own. Firstly, you will be flaunting your Hijab, and secondly, no cold will be coming your way because you have your Hijab to keep the heat in and the cold at bay. So technically, you will be fulfilling two purposes, with one stone. Not only will you be modest, but you are sure to receive a few compliments for the gracefulness you exhibit while wearing it in such freezing weather.


No matter what the occasion may be – a party, an indoor activity, or exercise – there’s a hijab for you. You will be a sight to behold, for the way you carry it is not something everyone can pull off. Most importantly, you will be graceful and modest while emitting grace, elegance, and radiance amongst those around you. 

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